Friday, February 22, 2013

Its Name Is Mud

Thus far, I’ve created a few models for a Flash game that I’m co-developing with another guy. I featured one of these models in my blog earlier, an elven archer of the Unseelie Court. The game we’re working on is in 2D, but I’m using my 3D models to make tile sheets. The 2D figures are so small that much of the detail that I put in them is lost, but I figure that it’s better to have too much detail than too little.

The next model I’m making for this game is a golem, a kind of tank unit that is able to withstand a lot of punishment before dying. As usual, I started by drawing a silhouette of the creature then filling in details over the black areas. I decided that the golem should be broader than a human being, the better to block its enemies. I made its arms long so that it can plant its fists on the ground like a gorilla to achieve better stability against attacks. Its forearms and fists are large and heavy enough to act as powerful blunt weapons. The golem is devoid of ornamentation as if the wizards who constructed it were more concerned about amassing an army than creating a work of art.

The model that I designed is so simple that it only took me two days to construct and texture its mesh. The weekend is just around the corner, so I doubt if I’ll be able to work on it then. Nevertheless, I hope to finish the golem’s tile sheet by early next week.

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