Friday, October 12, 2012

Making a Man in Max

For the past three weeks, I’ve been trying to make a base human male model in 3DS Max. I had always used ZBrush to make human or humanoid models in the past, but I was never really satisfied with the geometry I came up with. They were always a haphazard mess of ill-placed vertices, especially in tight places such as between the fingers or toes. Consequently, I decided to make my base model using only 3DS Max.

I have a couple of books in my personal library that show how to make human models, but I had difficulty following them for various reasons. It wasn’t until I came across Michel Roger’s Joan of Arc tutorial that I finally made progress. The tutorial is still not all that easy for me to follow because it was originally written in French, and the English translation isn’t all that clear. Also, the tutorial explains how to make a manga-style girl, whereas I wanted to make a realistic-looking man. Nevertheless, it is a testament to how good the tutorial is that I was able to come up with the head shown in this blog post.

That reminds me… Time to change my avatar.


  1. And the tutorial also uses outdated methods to due to version changes. There's much easier ways of dealing the meshes than it describes.

    Also a catchy title for your next project:

    Making a Realistic Woman in 3DS Max: A guide to design realistic breasts.


  2. Anduraga, can you give me a hint or a link to what the easier methods are? I'm working on the body right now (well, maybe 80% or so finished with it, actually), and I certainly can use all the info I can get.